Before I begin raving and ranting, I would like to point out that the points expressed here are purely my own opinions and they may not paint an accurate picture of what the vast majority of people feel.
But then again, I'm not the "vast majority" am I?


My grandfather once said that you can always hear an Aussie even if you can't see him. A very clever observation indeed.  All the Aussies I've met so far are  very obstreperous and I don't expect to meet any in the near future who will prove my grandfather wrong. My General Studies teacher , Mr  Jxxx  xxx   (sorry can't name names here!) is an "Austrilian" as he so proudly proclaims. Although he is an absolute git and is eminently unqualified to teach, I think he's a great teacher. Everything except learning seems takes place during his tutorial sessions. In fact,  I'm convinced the only thing he's qualified to do is to tell dumb "Irish men" jokes. You might have already guessed. Yes, we don't get much GS homework. Way kewl huh!

Here's something else mt Grand dad said " Australians seem to be a very jolly lot. I can't figure out what's there to be so happy about. They're only celebrating 200 years of parole."


No matter how useful they are, I still feel mobile phones are a menace to society. They are omnipresent and will always ring at the wrong time and place.  How many of you have been absolutely pissed off by some bloke whose mobile  goes off right in the middle of a movie or play?

It was just the other day that I was having lunch at a sidewalk cafe when my otherwise pleasant meal was rudely  interupted by the loud crackling of a young man talking on this mobile. He was not the only one indulging  in loud chit-chat because another patron whipped out his mobile as if in unison, and started broadcasting to the world his problems with the wife.

It is no business of mine to complain if mobile phone users want to use their instruments. But, is it too much to ask for a little discretion and more importantly, consideration for others?

Victims of inconsiderate mobile-phone users ought to stand up and scream "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it any longer."

Recent scientific studies have shown that radiation emitted from mobile phone antennas may prove to be harmful to the human brain. Mobile phone users beware!!!

Students with Mobile Phones -
You aren't that important. You can always tell if someone    needs their mobile phone. They keep quiet about it. Anyone who tells you they have a mobile  phone doesn't need it.



The kewlest city in the world. Need I saw more?


Nope, I meant those dodgy foreign immigrants  not the X-files type. Those commies from China seem to be taking over the world. They are simply ubiquitous I tell you! Singapore's swamped with them. Sometimes, I can't help but feel threatened when I see a group of them together on the streets.
Hmmm, perhaps it's they're spies sent to infiltrate capitalist countries and spread communism!

I usually give Italians a wide berth even though many of them are earthshatteringly cute. Dunno why but I have this feeling that Italians are a dodgy lot. Once an Italian bloke working behind a a McDonald's till in London tried to pull a fast one on me. The change he gave me fell short of £1.20. When I questioned him about the error, he pretended not to understand English and broke out in Italian. A likely story indeed.  How does one work at the till without speaking English? I demanded to see the Floor Manager but the Italian hurriedly returned me my change, gave me a free apple pie and apologized profusely  (and fluently) in English. I bet that apple pie was never accounted for. One of my girlfriends went to Venice for her summer hols lost her $200 Sony discman when she sent it down for safe keeping at the hotel's safe! Nobody else knew had the code except the hotel's staff who happened to all Italians.

Despite what I have said above,  I would like to point out that I am not a RACIST.  I'm only just telling you what I feel. That's it!  PERIOD.


Hedonist capital of the world. A city second to none but London. Great for sex and drugs. A very cheap place to visit with the Pound Sterling running so high now.  I visited Amsterdam in 1983 when I was only a wee baby and later in 1993. The only complain I have is that all their signs are in Dutch and people seem to have difficulty understanding simple spoken English. Seems like a bloody good place to have sex all day long.

British Monarchy

I don't know why so many people are so upset with the Royal Family.  The world would be such a deprived place without them. Oh come on...give them all a break! They're only human. Now tell me, who's going to help sell newspapers or spice up those boring dinner chats if the Royal family was squeaky clean huh?

Single European Currency

I hope Britain joins the Single European Currency. Sterling is over-valued and it's hurting evryone's pockets especially those of us who hope to study and buy homes there!


People who enjoy dabbling in S&M, bondage and all that crap are in my opinion a bunch of sickos. Gaining sexual gratification by being subjected to excruciating pain isn't love and affection; it's absolute torture. People into S&M are probably just as bad as  pedophiles. They   really ought to go for sexual counselling or even  kept away from the public.

A message to all homophobes: Look at blokes who are into S&M. They are the people who really are SICK and deserve your hate and  verbal abuses.  QUIT attacking gays and lesbians. We aren't really different from you str8 folks, except in just one little area.


If you haven't already guessed by now, yes my favourite car make is none other than Volvo. I don't care what people say about  Volvos being "boxy". In fact that's the reason why I like them! I'm sure you've all heard the saying " A Volvo is as solid as a tank". No kidding, it really is. My family used to own a Volvo 940 Turbo and my mum crashed head on into a speeding BMW 730i whilst  turning at a  crossroad. The Beemer's front was totalled but the dear old Volvo was still in relatively good nick considering that only the bumper  and headlights were smashed.

You know what? I would strongly recommend all accident-prone people to own  Volvos. Pedestrians beware? =)


Now where would the world be without alcohol? Probably a whole lot better than it is now! Please don't think I'm some kind of alcoholic but everything seems to taste a lot better if you add gin or vodka to it. Skeptical? Then why don't you try adding  2 parts Pepsi to 1 part gin?  I can't describe how heavenly it's going to taste. Mmm... I can smell the gin already.