THESE ARE the guys I wish were my neighbours
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 Brian fave.jpg (18456 bytes)                     .
                                 Brian Litrell                                                    Nick Carter

                        Apart from that dippy smile,                        I'll  Get Down  with you
                                isn't he the cutest?                                      Nick  anytime!

                         .        .           . 
                                                                 Aaron Audette
                                                    Oooo, check out his hair.
                                                  He's welcome in my bed anytime.

                        .Declan.jpg (7700 bytes)                     .mcol1s.jpg (8432 bytes)
                                        Declan                                                Mark Owen
                             I'm Falling for you!

                          .                           .
                     .Kavana - 10Kb                  . Adam Rickett - 17Kb
                                  Kavana -                                                      Adam Rickett
       Mancunian beauty who insists on singing.             The only reason to watch Coronation Street
                        What a waste.     

        Oh and by the way, feel free to nick any of these images. After all I did ;-)

Look above. There are 7 guys there. Do the math. According to the 'two in ten' theory thingy
(assuming you believe that true), one of those guys is gay. Of course, that depends on whether you believe that theory in the first  place - I do. Maybe I'm  just hopeful  :)

Alternatively, we could draw a parabolic  curve and on one side put people who are totally, one hundred percent not attracted to lads. On the other side of the curve put people who are totally, one hundred percent not attracted to girls. Wow, look what's in the middle...

Numbers seem a bit high? Ok, I'm not a fucking rocket scientist - but remember, we are talking
about attraction only, not actions. Lots of people are attracted to lots of things and never do
anything about it and maybe never admit it - so the numbers in the 'two in ten' thing have to be
skewed downward.

Oh  in case you were wondering,  Aaron Audette is gay; Which proves my point and the universal truth  that most good looking men  are either gay, married or are priests huh!


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