Formal and Informal
Below you will see a sample place setting for formal and informal dining. When setting the table, remember that the utensil for each course is placed in the order served, from the outside in. When your table is set correctly, it will eliminate any confusion when the guests begin to eat. Not every formal dinner includes a fish course and not every host has fish forks and knives. It is perfectly acceptable to omit or substitute these utensils.
Formal place setting
(clockwise from upper left): salt and pepper, dessert fork and spoon, water/wine glasses, fish knife, dinner knife, salad knife, plate, rim soup plate/napkin, salad fork, dinner fork, fish fork.
Informal place setting
(clockwise from upper left): bread & butter plate/butter knife, wine/water glass, dinner knife, salad plate/plate, dinner fork, salad fork, napkin.

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