Welcome to My Anti-Leo Shrine


I cannot comprehend why Leonordo DiCaprio has countless unquestioning followers. Teenage girls just  seem to swarm around Leo for an unknown reason and seem to have an unquestioning loyalty towards him.
I personally  feel that he's just another bloke on the street and there's nothing remotely special about him. He's just bloody  lucky that he was at the right place at the right time. That's all! And that haircut of his  does not even look like a normal  haircut. Why Leo is on so many magazine covers is one of the greatest mysteries in life. Like I said, he's just an ordinary bloke with a very common face, but he receives many flattering headlines. I've seen porn stars who look ten times cuter than him. ( the likes of Dano Sulik or Johan Paulik)
Wanna know what my grandmother has to say about Leo? Well, she saw Titanic with her friends and concluded that "The Italian boy is so skinny. Can someone please tell me why girls like scrawny boys nowadays?"
            .    .
                                     Portrait of  a freakin' retard.