OK - here's the bit where I bare all (well, not QUITE all...) to see :-).

Terry ... Who is he?

As you already know, my name is Terrence (with the two Rs please!) but my mates at school usually call me Terry or Tez. Like all people, I came from my mother. And I'm sure you don't want to hear every gross detail about the birth, we have Health Education for that!
I was born on January 9th, 1981 (Well, I'll let you figure out how old I am!).

At home, my folks call me Kat because it complements my brother's name. His name's Chris  and that can be shortened to Kit. Hence you get Kit Kat when you put both our nicknames together. It's something my brother thought up  and I really hate it. You can't imagine how embarrassing it is whenever a family member hollers "Kat, there's someone on the phone for you" without pressing the mute button. I  hate having to explain why I have a "girl's" name to all my mates when they ask me "Who's Kat?"  at school the next day.

Where I live

I live in Singapore which is a tropical island located at the southern most tip of Malaysia. It's really a kewl place to live in but the pace of life is unbelievably fast.  I hope to get into the University of Bath (in England) after I finish Sixth Form. I want go back to England because I spent some of my happiest days there for a couple of years of my life

What I Do

I am currently still at school, in the sixth form, studying A-Levels in History, General Studies, Economics and Accountancy (yuk!). I intend to leave next year and go to university and study Business Administration with a German language minor.
My college is an extremely boring place with my 2 General Studies teachers being  its only saving grace. You can read about him by clicking here.

My Goals in Life

My goals in life? Hmmmmm.... I want to be an investment banker, preferbably at a British bank. I think the Single European Currency is very exciting and I want to be part of all the action!
I would also like  a steady relationship with  kids but, I reckon the kids part might be a bit hard to achieve though!


Okay, you shouldn't trust me completely on this, because obviously this is in my opinion.

I've tried being the good little boy that everyone wants  me to be, but I find that I'm truly happy when I live my life by my own rules. I'm not an anarchist or rebel or anything like that; I just  do what's best for me. I don't really give a damn if someone doesn't like me or the way that I live. That's their problem.

People who meet me for the first time always say I'm kind of a quiet person. Ha! Just wait till I get to know you. When that happens, I never shut up. I have this rather  bad habit of monopolizing coversations. I'm really trying my very best to stop that from happening but no promises!

First I'm very chatty.  My friends can tell you that you can always find me in that sleepy/hyper mood which I can be rather annoying in. I'm generally a friendly person, except only if someone gives me a reason to be a real jerk. And I definitely don't like doing something over again. That explains why I hate solving maths questions.

Because my patience isn't the best, I really don't like small, whiny, dependent children. I find them annoying. I think I'm very independent, and pretty straight forward. I'll say what I want to say, and not care about it - then I regret it later.
 I do tend to get a bit caustic if I get irritated, but I don't get irritated often.

And in case you were wondering, yes I'm  very very str8 acting and I can't stand gay people who  go round behaving so effeminately. God! Don't they give us all a bad name.


Music is an important part of my life. I love it! I have loved it for as long as I can remember.

As the years go by, my musical taste has become more varied and open-minded. Despite this, however, I still have a very definite idea of my favourite music, and therefore, my music collection remains a little more constricted. Of course, if I had the money, I would have enough CDs to fill Wembley stadium! 
Over the years, my musical taste has experienced new sounds, and adapted accordingly. The first type of music I really got into was classical, when I was a kid. My favourite composers are Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and  Mozart.

My favourite classical pieces have got to be:

  1. Toccatta and Fuge in D minor, by Bach
  2. The Marriage of Figaro, by W. A. Mozart
  3. Piano Concerto No.1, by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

  4. Four Seasons, by Antonio Vivaldi.

I haven't got a boyfriend at the moment, and I'm not really looking for one. No -- I take that back. I am looking for one, but I haven't met many guys lately that I find to be interesting. My last relationship was an absolute disaster  so I'm not ready to dive into another relationship just yet. I've learnt that if the guy's personality and mindset clashes with  mine, then that relationship is doomed to fail. It took a lot of pain  and hurt to learn that, but everyone has got to learn that lesson the hard way -- many times over. 

Right, I'm done with the essay type stuff now because I know you're getting bored.  Here's some other stuff about me:

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