Birthday :  9th January  ( yes, I'm a Capricorn!)

                        Favourite Colour : Green  or Purple ( if I'm in a real flirty mood!)

                        Favourite Quote  : "I'm extraordinarily patient provided I get my
                                                    own way in the end."

                        All time              :    1) Casablanca
                        Favourite Movies     2) Mrs. Harris goes to Paris
                                                      3) Bram Stoker's Dracula
                                                      4) Interview with the Vampire
                                                      5) City of Angels
                                                      6) Over the Edge  (a German movie)
                                                      7) Empire of the Sun
                                                      8) Paradise Road
                                                      9) Rob Roy
                                                    10) Schindler's List
                                                                 11) Philadelphia
                                                                12) Driving Miss Daisy
                                                                13) Legends of the Fall

                        Favourite TV      :    1)    Central Park West
                        programmes            2)     Neighbours 
                                                      3)    Absolutely Fabulous
                                                      4)    Murder Most Horrid
                                                      5)    Coronation Street  
                                                      6)    Cybill
                                                      7)    Beverly Hills 90210
                                                      8)    Adams Family
                                                      9)    BBC production of Pride and Prejudice
                                                                 10)    Black Adder

                       Favourite Musicals :  1)    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor
                                                      2)    Phantom of the Opera
                                                      3)    Cats
                                                                  4)     My Fair Lady
                                                     5)     The Sound of Music
                                                     6)     The King and I
                                                                 7)     Titanic

                                      Passions:   a)        Sketching cars and buildings
                                                      b)        Cycling
                                                      c)        Calling up friends to chit-chat
                                                      d)        Snogging my b/f in public
                                                      e)        Reading
                                                      f)        Listening to music
                                                      g)        Watching the telly
                                                                   h)        Eyeing up  cute guys
                                                      I)        Going Shopping!!!!!!


                             Favourite Music:  1)        ABBA
                                                       2)        Backstreet Boys
                                                       3)        Savage Garden
                                                       4)        Madonna   << absolutely brilliant
                                                                    5)        No Doubt
                                                                    6)        Spice Girls
                                                                   7)         Mark Owen
                                                                    8)        Arkarna

                                 Favourite Songs:    1)   The Story of Love by OTT
                                                      2)    Rain by Madonna
                                                      3)   Anywhere for you by Backstreet Boys
                                                                   4)     Waterloo by ABBA   

                                Favourite Actress   1)  Jessica Tandy
                                                      2) Raquel Welch
                      Most admired character :    Margaret Thatcher

                            Weirdest Fantasy:     Being a vampire and living for all eternity
                                            Well, it's true. I was really into Vampirism not so long ago.
                                             Yup, I slept late, always wore black and cut myself  just to
                                             drink my own blood. In fact, I even started saving up to go to the
                                             dentist to have my  incisors sharpened.
                                             But  as all fads go, I soon lost interest. Besides, I was sick of
                                             cutting myself.
                                            Oh don't worry, I'm not a mentally unbalanced fruitcake.
                                            I'm just an irrational adolescent who likes trying new stuff.
                           Favourite Authors:  Jeffrey Archer
                                                        James Clavell
                                                        Sidney Sheldon
                                                        Danielle Steel
                                                                      Jane Austen   <<  she's tops!
                              Favourite Book    :  Tess of the 'Durvervilles by Thomas Hardy

                              Favourite Car   :    Marcos Mantara Turbo Convertible
                                    Favourite Drink :   Gin Cola  (my own concoction)
                                                        (that' 2 parts cola and 1 part Gin)

                           Characteristics:  a real spendthrift    
                                                   A procrastinator (only applies to schoolwork!)
                           GCSE Grades:  English          A*      Geography   A*
                                                  Literature       A        Maths         A
                                                 Chemistry       B        Physics        B
                                                             Pure Maths    B

    Oh God that'll do. I think you already know more  about  me  than any of my mates in school do!