The College Years (1997 - 1999)

The time I spent in Anderson Junior College were one of the most liberating of my life (with the exception of my uni days in Heidelberg of course but more on that later).  Admittedly, my college wasn't the the best one on the block but it has been consistently ranked 6th out of the  12 colleges in Singapore for as far as one can  possibly remember.

My grades could have certainly gained me entry to better colleges but I wasn't really up for the cut-throat competition in the top 5 colleges. As they say, college years are the best times of one's life and I certainly didn't  want to squander it on studying.   Anyway, time for a bit of shameless self praise best achievement  for the first 20 yrs of my life came in 1999 when I had the best score in my college for the General Paper during the 1999 A level exams. I got a classy looking piece of parchment  for that and its been framed up for posterity.

Life was certainly less complicated then.  I still reminisce the good old  days when classes would end at 1pm daily and recess lasted an hour.  Back in  the last millennium where a good old A Level certificate would earn you entry into any uni of your choice (gosh, I feel so old saying that!),  weekends were for partying and drinking and nobody gave a toss about ECAs. God I pity those sods in JC these days who find themselves laden with uncalled for assignments and tonnes of time wasting activities poorly masqueraded as "community involvement" projects.

Remember the days when school was just an endless string of chill out parties?

That's our tutor Mr John Laffy on the top right hand corner. One of the best teachers I've had and I'm not saying this just because he buys the class crates of beer for our parties. =p

Hobnobbing with aristocracy: 

The guy in black on the right is the grandson of the current Sultan  of Singapore. 


Graduation party at the 66th floor Stanford Crest suite of the former Westin Hotel ( now owned by Swissotel). 
Check out Fullerton hotel still being restored in the background!

Hey don't laugh...flannel was definitely "IN", albeit for a brief period back then.

In case you were wondering, NO we didn't wear that to the graduation ball. 


People from "The OC" move over, this is fun Singapore style.


In an era where the word recession was unheard of,  no expense was spared in the pursuit of  epicurean delights.  Dom Perignon anyone?


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